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The Grizzly collection of DHCs (Dry-Hopped Ciders) provides unique flavors to please any pallet or pairing. With apples sourced from around the state of Washington, blended and brewed with complimentary Northwest hop varieties, Grizzly ciders will bring new meaning to "dry cider" in the minds of cider drinkers. They're also designed to foster a new appreciation and "approachable" appeal from the perspective of beer lovers. Now available on draft throughout the Puget Sound area, Grizzly aims to introduce consumers to new styles of beverage while helping grow the the cider industry in the Northwest.

Our Team

Grizzly Ciderworks was started by Corey Haugen and Andy Petek. With backgrounds in marketing, research and the beverage industry, these friends created a great fusion of passion and innovation. What started as a hobby in an apartment quickly grew to a garage, then a small warehouse...and then a big warehouse. The rest is history. They've now created a Founder's Series lineup of four ciders (three currently available in the market) and a Small Batch Series of three ciders (two currently available). In addition to Corey and Andy, the Grizzly family is made up of enthusiastic team members who love everything cider. The company is dedicated to fostering a fun and collaborative atmosphere everywhere from the cidery to your local restaurant or bar.




Using slow fermentation to pull out all robust apple characteristics, The Ridge contains a perfect balance of crisp and dry flavors (6.7 % abv)


This unique is dry-hopped with Willamette hops specifically chosen to match the smoothness of the molasses and brown sugar that provides the golden brown color.(6.7% abv)


With a selectivity chosen group of citrus and aroma hops fermented in french saison yeast, this dry-hopped trifecta takes hopped cider to a whole new level. (6.7%)


A Washington raspberry puree-based cider utilizing unique aromas and flavors of Citra hops. LIMITED RELEASE.


This unique is dry-hopped with Willamette hops specifically chosen to match the smoothness of the molasses and brown sugar


A trial cider blending multiple yeasts to maximize strong citrus flavors to create a sensory explosion of flavor. A fun look inside the cider-making process and what can found along the way. LIMITED RELEASE.

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